Biochemistry Study Guides

Alright, finally getting into the chemistry bits! These study guides are from a biochemistry class that I took in the fall of 2012. Again, if you happen to be browsing through these and see a mistake, feel free to correct it in comment. Enjoy.

Acid-Base Chemistry

Acid-Base Chemistry

Alpha HelicesAlpha Helices

Amino Acids and pKasAmino Acids and pKas

Amino AcidsAmino Acids

Base TautomersBase Tautomers

Beta SheetsBeta Sheets

Carbohydrates to KnowCarbohydrates to Know


Collagen and D vs L StereochemistryCollagen and D vs L Stereochemistry

Deoxyribonucleotide and Ribonucleotide NamesDeoxyribonucleotide and Ribonucleotide Names

Dihedral Angles and Ramachandran PlotsDihedral Angles and Ramachandran Plots


Formation of Hemiacetals and Hemiketals, Aldose/Ketose and Furanose/PyranoseFormation of Hemiacetals and Hemiketals, Aldose-Ketose and Furanose-Pyranose

Glycosidic Bonds and D-Ribose/DeoxyriboseGlycosidic Bonds and D-Ribose or Deoxyribose


Hemoglobin and MyoglobinHemoglobin and Myoglobin


Hill EquationHill Equation



Methods for Determining C-TerminalMethods for Determining C-Terminal

Methods for Determining N-TerminalMethods for Determining N-Terminal

Michaelis-Menten Equation and Lineweaver-Burke PlotMichaelis-Menten Equation and Lineweaver-Burke Plot

Michaelis-Menten EquationMichaelis-Menten Equation

Phosphodiester BondsPhosphodiester Bond


Protein-Ligand InteractionsProtein-Ligand Interactions

Purines and PyrimidinesPurines and Pyrimidines

Reversible InhibitionReversible Inhibition

Sample Protein Sequencing ProblemSample Protein Sequencing Problem

Structure of DNA/RNA, Pentose Rings, Fischer Projections, and RiboseStructure of DNA-RNA, Pentose Rings, Fischer Projections, and Ribose



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